OR maintenance pictures It is a process whose purpose is the preservation of relics, slowing the deterioration processes and restore their shape.

Defined as restoration measures need to be taken, to become an object, of wear or damage, understood with minimal sacrifice and historical integrity. The images, depending on the age and circumstances of their reception, They are likely to get damaged more frequently warping and cracking due to moisture, deterioration by insects, soot deposits from candles and lamps, the over-paintings, the varnish oxidation and color loss.

THE art conservators He is responsible for the technical examination, the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage. So, called to highlight the aesthetic and historic value of the images without distorting the structure, the form and character.

with knowledge, responsibility and respect for the sacred images our laboratory undertakes qualitative supply maintenance, on time, always acting in the ethical rules governing the discipline of art preservation industry, both techniques and with high quality materials, according to the latest developments of science.